Charlotte – Pride and Prejudice Variations

Mr Darcy Wants More: A Pride and Prejudice Steamy Variation (Charlotte and Sir Richard Book 5)
By C.P. Waterman, Julia Beaumont

Charlotte Lucas Collins is being entertained by Sir Richard Walden, a cousin of Mr Darcy. Sir Richard has become her lover and he discovers her special talent - sketching the most sublimely erotic pictures. When they were guests at Pemberley, she secretly sketched Mr Darcy and Sir Richard making love in the grounds of the grand house.

Sir Richard finds these drawings and shows them to Mr Darcy, who immediately offers to buy them. How can Charlotte's authorship of them be kept secret? When Mr Darcy opens his wallet and demands to buy more, how can she deny his needs without compromising her identity?

News soon reaches Charlotte that her husband is returning to the parsonage at Hunsford and she must rush home to receive him. Is this the end of her days of bliss with Sir Richard? Will they ever have an opportunity to meet again?